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Don't Guess, Soil Test!

Plants can produce their own energy, but require a fertile soil or growth media to supply needed nutrients. Healthy, well-fed plants are better able to withstand diseases and insects and to compete with weeds. For a few dollars a chemical soil analysis can check your soil's fertility and determine if any corrective action is needed. A soil test is the best tool available for determining the lime and fertilizer needed for the best economic and environmental production of crops, gardens, and more healthy, beautiful lawns. Testing the soil takes out the guesswork and prevents you from under or over liming and fertilizing, either of which will cost you both in dollars and plant growth.  There is no testing charge for routine commercial crops*, routine surface-mined areas or routine commercial greenhouse and nursery production.

The Soil Testing Laboratory now has the capability to e-mail lab reports directly to clients. 

Click on the link below to take you to the website where you can enter your information on the appropriate form, print the form and mail it with your soil sample for analysis. 

* No charge for in-state commercial farm samples (soil pH,P,K,Ca,Mg,Zn,Mn,Cu,Fe,B, and estimated CEC, plus a fertilizer and lime recommendation)

Virginia Tech Soil Testing